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Search for a Bail Bond Agent

Bail Bonds allow defendants to get out of jail and back to their lives. Instead of waiting in jail for a defendants next court date a bail bond allows them to get out of jail and get back to their normal life while they wait for their next hearing. Having the option to bail out of jail is extremely important and helps people get back to their families and jobs.

Bail is set by a judge. The judge will determine the amount of bail with consideration to the flight risk of the defendant. Once bail is set the defendant has the option to post the complete cash amount of the bail. In most cases people can’t afford to put this much money down and instead turn to a bail bond company to post the bail for a small percentage of the complete bail amount.

For instance the bail bond could be set at 50,000. The bail company will put a bond of 50,000 up with the courts as a promise to pay if the defendant does not make it back to court. In return the defendant will pay a fee of up to 10 percent of that amount or 5,000.

If you have any questions on how bail works or what it would cost you to bail out your loved one feel free to call us at anytime.