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Drunk Driving is Extremely Dangerous


Not only do you risk your legal rights and your life, but you also seriously endanger others.  30% of Americans will be involved in some way in a alcohol related accident during their lifetime. In fact, over 40% of all automotive accidents are alcohol related.  While over 60% of DUI arrests are for first time offenders, it is estimated that the average person arrested for a DUI has driven above the legal limit more than 80 times prior to their arrest.


While these statistics can be sobering, taking a few steps to keep yourself safe can be the difference between life and death.  If you have been drinking, make certain you a sober before getting behind the wheel.  If there is any question, find an alternative option or do not let yourself drive if you know you have consumed more than your legal limit. 


Even if you are sober, it is still good practice to take care on the roads since you can’t be sure other drivers are as responsible as you.   Watch for other drivers on the road who appear impaired.  Look for swerving, sudden stops and starts, and other types of erratic behavior behind the wheel.  If you spot someone you suspect is intoxicated, stay back away from the vehicle, and call 911 or a local police department to report the drunk driver immediately. 


Better safe than sorry when it comes to drunk driving- whether you are the one intoxicated or not.  Be safe on the roads and take steps to protect yourself from a dangerous drunk driving accident or DUI arrest.


Story by Life Tips

City: Minnesota