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Gun control is one of the most pressing and hotly contested topics facing congress


With President Obama’s recently proposed assault rifle band and other anti-gun violence legislation he has promised to support coming soon, gun control has again taken its place as one of the most controversial issues in America.


Although gun control has been a divisive issue for centuries, the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School has re-invigorated the debate.  Adam Lanza, a troubled 20 year old began his shooting spree by killing his other mother before attacking and killing 20 children and adults at Sandy Hook.  The spree ended when he turned the gun on himself and took his own life. Although mass public shootings have been a tragic commonplace of modern life, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting has been particularly difficult to the lives of so many young, innocent children being taken. The event has increase passions on both sides of the aisle and made the issue of gun control a major issue in American politics again. 


Due to the recent attention gun control is receiving on a political stage every gun related event is being used as political fodder for the debate.  The most recent example being using by both gun control supporters and opponents is a 51 year old St. Paul Man who threatened his 15 year old daughter at gunpoint over his report card. 


Kirill Bartashevitch’s daughter came home after school one day as planned.  When she showed her father report card with two B’s, he became furious.  Determined to have his daughter succeeded in school, he demanded straight A’s from her all the time.  Her 2 B’s set him into a furious rage that escalated into a yelling match between Kirill Bartashevitch and his daughter.  When her daughter told her father that she “hated” him, he got his recently purchased Ak-47, aimed it at her face, and threatened to kill her. The incident ended when the daughter’s mother asked her to go to her room and the violence finally stopped. 


The event was not known to anyone outside the family for 4 days.  But Kirill Bartashevitch’s daughter finally broke her silence and shared the incident with a High School counselor.  The consular reported it to authorities who arrested Kirill Bartashevitch soon after.  He is currently being held in jail on a $20,000 bond for 2 counts of terroristic threats. 


The incident is being used as political fodder because Kirill Bartashevitch allegedly told authorities that he bought his AK-47 assault rifle legally after recent talk of an assault rifle ban.  It is still unknown if the gun was loaded at the time the threats were made against his daughter or not.
This incident, like other recent ones, is being used in the debate both for and against gun control.  Supporters argue that incidents like this will be eliminated with an assault rifle ban; opponents argue that an assault rifle ban will be counter-productive and ineffective.  Both point to the Kirill Bartashevitch as evidence for their case.


Story by Los Angeles Times



City: Minnesota