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How to avoid becoming a criminal target for businesses


According to local industry expert Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds, the holiday season always creates a surge of criminal activity.  Stores and restaurants are both major targets for holiday season robbery.  Here are some tips, put together by the experts at Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bond, in order to avoid becoming a criminal target:

– Never have employees open or close alone.  Have more than one staff person working during these target times in order to be less of a target for criminals.

– Cash transactions can make you a large target- review cash handling policies with employees before and during the holiday season. Periodically remove excess cash.

– Be sure to bring deposits to the bank safely. Always deposit during daylight and in as small of amounts as you permit.

– Secure all keys and access codes of all entrances.

– Thoroughly check the premises prior to closing and upon opening.

– Be sure to safeguard your hiring process. Only hire trusted individuals with no criminal history and references that check out. This is particularly important for part time and seasonal employees who may have less loyalty to your business.

According to Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds, following these simple tips can cut down on many of the criminal actives they see during the holiday season.  Be sure to carefully follow these tips to make sure your business remains safe and profitable through the season!


Story by Fast Casual

City: Minnesota