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How to ward off a potential home invasion


For many during the holiday season, travel is a part of life.  Looking forward to visiting friends and family is part of the Christmas season.  Even if holiday travel is something you have been looking forward to for several months, it is unfortunately also a time when many home invasions occur.


Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds, a Minnesota Bail Bonds company, deals with hundreds of home invasion related arrests each holiday season.  They have offered some helpful tips to help avoid holiday break-ins while you are away from your home traveling:


– Close blinds. Do not give criminals a preview of what they might find inside, or you could be inadvertently advertising for your own break-in.

– Trim bushes and manicure yard to make it look like you have not been away for a long period of time.

– Be extra careful to lock doors and arm alarm systems.

– Have a neighbor get your mail so you don’t have piled up newspapers or letters in your mailbox.

– Do not leave your outside lights on 24/7. A light timer is especially useful to leave your lights on at night only.


By making your home appear that someone is home even when you are away, you can ward off a potential home invasion.  By following the above advice, you can make sure you have a happy and safe holiday season and a beautiful home to come back to!


Story by Denver Weekly

City: Minnesota