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Oakdale Minnesota child shot to death


At only 9 years old, Devin Aryal was tragically shot to death by a gunman who open fired on traffic in his hometown of Oakdale, MN.   His mom’s minivan, which Devin Aryal was riding in, was hit by the gunman’s fire taking Devin’s life and wounding his mother and another Oakdale woman who was in the minivan at the time.


The funeral for Devin will be held at Guardian Angels Catholic Church in Oakdale. 
Melissa Aryal, Devin’s mother, is devastated by the loss of her son.  Melissa has said the Devin one day wanted to be an astronaut and was passionate about math and science.


Nhan Tran, a 34 year old man, is believed to be the shooter.  He was been arrested by local authorities after being caught with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and is currently being held in the Washington County Jail on a $2 million bail.  Nhan Tran faces two charges for murder and four charges for felony assault. He will undergo a thorough mental health evaluation prior to his hearings.


Story by Minnesota Public Radio



City: Minnesota