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Respecting the Rights to Bear Arms and to Not Bear Arms


President Obama has said that one of his major priorities during 2013 will be to expand gun control in an effort to reduce violence in America. Although gun control has long been promoted by the left wing, the opposition has left many gun control bills at loggerheads in congress during the past few decades.  The next wave of gun control debate appears that it will be no different, as the script is playing out as you would expect: President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are attempting to push forward legislating that tightens gun laws, while the Republican Party is ardently opposed to any limitation of individual second amendments rights.


Mass shootings in public spaces have been an unfortunate part of our culture for the past few decades. From schools like Columbine and Virginia Tech to Denver movie theatres, the large numbers of school shootings at places where people are meant to feel safe have created fear in our society. Although the gun control sparks up briefly each time a tragic mass shooting occurs, it is the recent gun massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that has changed President Obama’s stance on gun control from passive to active.  The massacre of such young, innocent, and defenseless children has made many Democrats feel that something needs to be done. 


President Obama and team wish to push forward gun control that puts restriction on who can buy guns and what type of weaponry they can buy. First and most importantly, they want to make background checks mandatory for all gun purchases.  85% of Americans agree that background checks should be required for all gun sales, but over 40% of transactions currently take place with no background check at all. Obama would also like to expand the scope of current background checks to link in with other data systems, including a list of those who are mentally unstable, a list of known terrorists, and the no-fly list.


Next, those in support of gun control want to limit what size magazines can be sold. They believe extra-large magazines allow shooters to out-shoot police offices while they are re-loading.  They argue that such expansive firepower is unnecessary and dangerous. 


Finally, gun control supporters want to increase the scope of gun tracing technology to solve crimes. Currently, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has been forbidden to use computer for its crime traces.  President Obama urges to improve their capabilities and legal rights so crimes can be solved more efficiently. 


Not surprisingly, the Republican Party and others who oppose gun control think President Obama’s gun control plan will be both unproductive and harmful.  Unproductive because it will not serve the purpose it sets to achieve.  While many Republics are in support of making background checks mandatory, they are opposed to expanding their scope.  They argue that the lists it plans to expand search capabilities to cover are flawed.  By using a flawed system, we will be relying on false safety net that will prevent people who should be able to buy guns from doing so, and allowing people who shouldn’t still have access. They also feel limiting the magazine size would be ineffective since most people who go on shooting sprees and not motivated by large magazines.  They also argue that large magazines can be preferred for recreational shooting, and it’s unfair to limit their rights. 


The gun control debate has been a hotly contended issue for decades and will continue to be so in the next push new legislation.  


Story by Huffington Post



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