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Shakopee Scott County Bail Bonds

Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds is a local Minnesota full service bail bond company that exists to help out the citizens of Scott County during their troubling times.  Guaranteed Freedom can write your bail bond or help take care of your warrant.  For a bail bond, we can process your information over the phone or in person.  Our bail agents will work within your schedule and timeframe and are dedicated to working out a payment system that works for you.  Whether you pay in full up front, sign collateral, or we work out an individualized payment plan together, Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds wants to make sure we find a budget-friendly and convenient plan for you.  Our bail agent’s job description includes more than just writing bonds, but they are also there to answer any questions you may have or explain any part of the process that is unclear to you in more detail.  Our bail agents are all patient and professional.  They care that you fully understand what is going on and feel comfortable.  We prioritize service and you feel see and feel the difference when you work with a Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bond bail agent.  We can complete your bond paperwork in as little as 20 minutes to as long as you need to feel comfortable and confident with the process.

Our bail agents at Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds also can take care of your warrant.  A warrant is issued when a judge asks a defendant to appear in court.  Bail can be posted through our company, and most warrants can be process at a local sheriff’s department by our agents, avoiding your need to be brought into custody at all. At Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds, we try to set ourselves apart from other bail bond companies through our superior service and attention to detail.  Another major asset is our local connection.  Many bail bond companies are national chains with local subsidiaries.   But Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds is a local company that only writes bonds and assists with warrants in the state of Minnesota.  Our agents work with the Scott county Jail on a daily basis and have built a strong relationship over the years with the employees there, allowing our bonds to be processed quickly. We also share the values of the people of Scott County and will take the extra time to make sure everything we do meets your standards.  Our extensive Scott County experience means t is likely that we have helped your neighbors of friends get out of the Scott County Jail before, and we can help you as well.


Scott County Bail Bonds
301 Fuller St S
Zip: 55379
State: MN – Minnesota

County: Scott County
City: Shakopee