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Shotgun: Best weapon for home security


Unfortunately, with all the good spirits in the air during the holiday season, it is also a prime time for home invasions. There are a number of preventative measures you can take to decrease the likelihood of your home being broken into it, but ultimately, everyone is at risk. Many individuals choose to arm themselves in an effort to boost their home defense.  People have used a variety of weapons, from pistols to baseball bats.  But many feel the optimal weapon for home security is the shotgun.


The main reason for the shotgun’s popularity for home defense stems from its enormous stopping power.  The shotgun is the most powerful, readily available, affordable weapon at close distance.  This not only makes it a popular choice because of its effectiveness, but it also makes it extremely intimidating to home intruders.  A shot may not even need to be fired for the shotgun to do its job in scaring off the potential burglar.
Despite the shotgun’s enormous power- it does have some drawbacks.  Many shotgun barrels can be long and difficult to move around with ease.  Also, shotgun recoil can be painful and persuade people against using it. The length of the pull can also make some shoguns difficult for individuals with smaller frames to use.


Fortunately, there methods modern gun manufacturers have used to make shotguns better suited for home defense.  Guns are being manufactured with shorter barrels, less than 20 inches, to make them easier to use.  Shotguns are also being created with adjustable lengths of pulls, and gun stores and starting to recommend child size guns for smaller framed individuals.  Finally, inventions like the Knox recoil reduction stock are help make painful shotgun recoil an issue of the past.


These recent innovations in shotgun technology help make them an even better weapon for home defense. For the modern individual looking to safeguard their home against an intruder, a shotgun is a better adapted and more effective defensive mechanism than ever before.


Story by Human Events

City: Minnesota