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Stay Safe This Holiday Season


During this time of the year, holiday parties are common.  While these parties are often a lot of fun, it is important that you enjoy yourself responsibly. Each year, the week from Christmas to New Year’s results in more drunk driving arrests and accidents than any other time of the year.  Considering the large risk that driving while intoxicated can pose to both your safety and legal status, it is important you take the necessary steps to protect yourself.


If you find yourself hosting a holiday party this Christmas season, there are steps you can take to help everyone be safe.  While the ultimately responsibility will fall on the guests themselves, part of being a gracious host is taking necessary steps to enhance safety.  You would feel terrible if someone left your party and got in a drunk driving accident or arrest.  In order to keep your holiday party safe and fan for you and your guests, here are some suggestions:


– Confirm with your guests at the time they RSVP that they will be planning a safe ride home.

– Provide plenty of food options to keep the hands of your guests busy and to prevent them from drinking on an empty stomach.

– Do not let guests mix their own drinks. Mix them yourself or have someone take the role of bartender.

– Provide numbers for cab companies for any guests that need them, or offer friends the opportunity to crash at your place.

– Offer plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages.

– Do not serve alcohol to anyone underage.

– Do not push drinks on your guests.

– Stop serving drinks 90 minutes before the end of the party to give guests time to become sober.

– Set a good example.


Make sure your holiday party this year is fun and same by following this advice.  You want your guests to have a good-but safe- time, and planning in advance can help make sure it is as safe as possible.


Story by VroomGirls.com




City: Minnesota