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Tips for Spotting a Drunk Driver


Spring Break almost always means a lot of fun, and a lot of drinking.  While young adults are excited to get away from school and home, partying can lead to unsafe behavior.  Even if individuals take precautions to be safe, the behavior of others can still pose a major safety risk.


A large risk of Spring Break is that the behavior of others can’t be controlled. You may take every precaution in the world to be safe, but other people may not be equally careful. When on spring break, always walk, use public transportation, or designate someone sober to drive you home.  Your fun time on Spring Break can be easily ruined by a DUI or a drunk driving related accident.  You can expect on spring break that there will be many drunk drivers on the road that you will need to be aware of and protect yourself against.


To spot a drunk driver, watch for erratic behavior.  Drunk drivers will often drive too fast or too slow.  They will start and stop suddenly and sometimes randomly. They will swerve while driving and may pass over lane lines.  If you spot a driver like this, the best plan is to stay as far away from them as possible.  It is best to stay a safe distance behind them since passing can be dangerous. 


If the driver’s behavior poses a risk to you and others, please call 911 or local law enforcement immediately and tell them you wish to report a drunk driver. Provide them with a comprehensive description of the vehicle and your location. 


Make sure your Spring Break remains both fun and safe by following this advice and avoiding drunk drivers on the roads.  


Story by T-Driver.com

City: Minnesota