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Top 10 Bounty Hunters


The popularity of the bounty hunting profession in the American media today may lead many to believe that this popularity is a modern creation.  The truth, however, is that throughout its history bounty hunting has been a fascinating topic for the ordinary public.  The subject of Old American West folklore, Steve McQueen movies like the Hunter, and the hit TV series Dog the Bounty Hunter, bounty hunting epitomizes the chase that makes for suspenseful, captivating stories.  By examining the top 10 bounty hunters throughout American history, we can see some of the true stories that inspire our nation’s longstanding bounty hunting obsession.
10. Pat Garrett:  A former cowboy, Garrett is best known as the sheriff who tracked down “Billy the Kid.”
9. John Riley Duncan:  Well known for his original tactics, Duncan once pretending to be a hobo in order to get close enough to John Wesley Hardin to take him into custody.  During his career, he arrested more than 20 fugitives.
8. Duane Chapman, better known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter:” Former convict and ex-biker gang member, Dog the Bounty Hunter is perhaps the most iconic bounty hunter today.  His hit television series by the same name along with his unusual persona have propelled him to celebrity status.
7. Domino Harvey: The only woman to make the list, daughter of actor Laurence Harvey used her good looks to lure fugitives she would meet in Los Angeles nightclubs into custody during the 1990s.
6. Rick Crouch: A South African human rights activist, he was exiled from South Africa due to his anti-Apartheid work during the 1980s.  He moved to the United States and became a successful bounty hunter famous for apprehending fugitives accused of sex crimes against children.
5. Robert Ford:  Part of Jesse James’ infamous band of bank robbers, Ford turned on Jesse when him and his brother found out the heavy reward placed on their leader’s back.  Ford short James in the back in 1882.  Instead of the reward he was expecting, Ford was charged with murdered and sentenced to be hanged.
4. Gary Brooks Faulkner: The most famous failed bounty hunter, Faulkner went to Pakistan to try and apprehend Osama bin Laden and land the $50 million reward being offered.
3. Bob Burton:  A famous and extremely successful bounty hunter, Burton is best known as the founder of the National Institutes of Bail Enforcement where he has trained thousands or premier bounty hunters.
2. Joshua Armstrong:  The subject a Wesley Snipes movie that never ended up being made, Armstrong wrote a 2000 memoir titled The Seekers: A Bounty Hunter’s Story telling his tales as a bounty hunter.
1. Ralph “Papa” Thorson:  During his 40 years career, he logged more than 12,000 arrest and was featured as the subject of Steve McQueen’s last film, The Hunter. He preferred non-lethal weapons and used astrology to track down fugitives.


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