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What is the perfect home defense weapon?


Finding the perfect home defense weapon can be a difficult process.  No one gun is able to match your complete wish list, and you will have to make choices on what to prioritize and what to compromise on. Ultimately, you will need to make a choice on what is best for you by taking into account your unique shooting preference and home defense requirements.


This article aims to discuss the optimal home defense gun only.  Most guns are purpose built for specific enterprises, such as hunting, conceal and carry, military use, or target shooting. There is no single gun type purpose built for home defense, but there are many guns well suited for it. This article will discuss some of the popular options including the benefits and limitations of each.


One good option for a home defense weapon is a rifle.  You want to avoid bolt-action hunting rifles and stick with a tactical semi-automatic of pistol-caliber carbine. Tactical rifles based off the AR-15 design have been the most popular in recent years, including the AK-47, Ruger Mini-14, and M1 Carbine.  They are great home defense weapons because they are light and easy to shoot.  They also carry plenty of ammunition.  These rifles will give you similar stopping power to a shotgun but with much less recoil.  Drawbacks of the tactical rifle include it’s difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, and its high cost.  Another choice for rifle lovers is the pistol-caliber carbine.  Small, level-action rifles like the .357 Mag and .45 Colt offer the best of a handgun and rifle in one gun.  They offer good ammunition life because they hold several rounds in their magazines.  But the drawback is that cartridges have to be loaded one at a time like a shotgun.  A few manufactures now offer semi-automatic carbines that accept handgun magazines.  They can overcome the drawback of reloading single cartridges.  They also can share ammunition and magazines with handguns you may already own for other purposes. 


Another popular choice for home defense is the handgun.  Handguns continue to me the most widely purpose home defense weapons in America.  They are easy to in tight spaces and they can be fired with one hand.  It is easy to store, hard for intruders to grab onto, and there are a lot of great options for home defense handguns on the market.  The two most common handgun types are double action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.  Revolvers have a 5 or 6 round capacity only, but they are easy to operate and extremely dependable.  A 3 to 4 inch barrel is optimal for a home defense revolver.  Semi-automatic pistols are more complicated to operate and less reliable than revolvers, but they hold more ammunition and are easier to reload.  Common semi-automatic home defense options include the 9mm Luger, the .45 ACP, and the .40 S&W.  


Even though handguns are the most popular home defense option, the offer relatively weak stopping power when stacked up against a rifle or a shotgun. The best strategy is to choose the handgun with the most firepower you can comfortably handle to maximize stopping power while still maintaining ease of use. 


There are a number of good options for home defense weapons on the market today.  When choosing, consider your priorities and choose the best option for your needs.


Story by American Rifleman



City: Minnesota